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Welcome to the new Mormon Memorabilia "Wiki" Site!

Important! Please read:
We are no longer in the business of selling (even though many pages showing items for sale remain on our website -- we are correcting that issue ASAP). We have decided to take a different approach rather than totally shutting down Mormon Memorabilia. During the time we have been in business a lot of very interesting items have passed by our way. Rather than losing all of the information passed to us regarding unique items, we have decided that we want to make that information public in the form of a "wiki." Hence, as we move forward we will be developing a wiki which we hope will be supported by the public, to expand knowledge of unique Mormon memorabilia. We welcome your contributions, but reserve the right to refuse contributions that are critical of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS). This is a site to help promote knowledge about the history of the LDS Church. Yes, we have a positive bias.

We may also, at times, feature some items for sale, but not on the scale that we have here-to-fore. In other words, we are not in the market to purchase items and we probably won't do much in the way of consignment items, although we don't want to completely close that door. We are also moving away from providing valuations on items and won't be able to help further in that area. There are a number of dealers around that can provide that kind of information.

We wish to thank our customers for the kind support and hope that they have all be satisfied with their purchases.

Please stand by for further developments. It will take some time for the wiki to be developed. We are also contemplating a new addition, but will announce that as more information becomes available.

"Religious related memorabilia tends to help us touch our past so that we can better understand who we are."  -- Stan Barker

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Featured Items:

Dateline: 15 July 2016

Stan's Store
Shortly we will be featuring some rare books from Stan's personal collection for sale. Please keep tuned.

Books include rare copies of the Book of Mormon, The Contributor, DUP volumes, even some rare anti-Mormon literature used for research purposes (to respond to issues).

NOTE: As we go through the process of rebuilding
Mormon Memorabilia
there will be pages where the old menuing will show up. Other than the above, items previously listed for sale are now no longer for sale, unless otherwise specified. We will be working to correct these faults as quickly as we have time to do so.
Please be patient.

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