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This area will make available miscellaneous memorabilia items related to "Mormonism"  or religion.  Items are listed in alphabetical sequence.  Please scroll down to view items for sale.  Newest items will be at the top.

For Boy Scout items (mostly as related to the LDS Church, please click here.
Arnold Friberg "Praying in the Grove" print Arnold Friberg prints!  These original prints are autographed and in limited numbers.  They are supplied with the certificate of authenticity and in the original Friberg folder.  Some are Artist Proofs.  Several are quite rare.  Click here for a listing of the prints.
Nauvoo House $50 Stock Certificate EXTREMELY RARE!  $50 Nauvoo House Stock Certificate.  $SOLD SKU: HR01-00001
Song Page Number Holder Chapel song number holder.  1940's - 1950s song number holder, including numbers.  $35.00 SKU:  DD01-00006 - SOLD
Excerpts of talks by General Authorities Excerpts from Talks by General Authorities, on 72 33 1/3 RPM records (sized as 45 RPM) in original box (from 1965) $249.50  SKU: BS01-00001 - VERY RARE!   SOLD
LDS Church Welfare Milk Bottle Vintage LDS Deseret Brand LDS Church Welfare Milk bottle. 1 Qt. From the late 1950s-early 60s era.  $25.00  SKU: DD01-00005
Two small vintage decorative plates - SOLD commemorating the building of the LDS (Mormon) Temple in Alberta, Canada. Both are in excellent condition.  More info...
LDS Church Commemorative Medal LDS Church Centennial Medal - 1930 - Very Rare
Commemorative medal celebrating the centennial (100 years) of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Put out by the LDS Church. $95.00 SKU: DD001-007
Nauvoo Commemorative Brick Nauvoo Souvenir brick.  Manufactured in Nauvoo, these rust colored souvenirs remind one of the bricks that were manufactured in Nauvoo when occupied by the Mormons, to build their structures.  4"w x 2 1/4"h x 1 1/8" thick.  $3.50  SKU: NA001-030  (one only) - SOLD
1897 Commorative Mug 1897 Bi-Centennial Mormon Pioneer Mug. This exceptional piece is very rare, particularly in the condition it is in (no crackling - it is not a repro, we know the provenance).  Made for the 1897 Bi-Centennial celebration of the coming of the pioneers of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to Salt Lake City in 1847, this mug is in almost perfect shape.  This item was crafted by Pabst of Milwaukee. SKU: DD001-006  Extremely Rare - Item no longer available.
LDS Sacrament Bench.  Vintage Mormon Sacrament bench; used behind the Sacrament Table.  Smaller than today's benches.  Someone painted the cloth on this one green as well as the wood.  More info...  Rare  - SOLD
Rare LDS Silver Sacrament Cup. This piece which was commissioned by The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (LDS/Mormon) is particularly rare because the artisan imprinted his company name (Schuab of Logan, UT) on the bottom when he made them.  More info.... 
Rare  - SOLD
LDS Water Sacrament Tray.  Used a number of years ago, this old sacrament tray has been retired and replaced by chrome trays which do not water spot as this one has.  A unique piece of early Mormon memorabilia.  More info.....  SOLD
Washstand.  This very rare old piece of Mormon furniture was made in Orderville, UT some time prior to the turn of the century (1900s).  It is a classic piece of Mormon culture.  More info....  - SOLD
Pioneer Wagon Wheels Authentic Mormon Pioneer Covered Wagon wheels and axle set.  $275  - SOLD
Extremely RARE!
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Pearl of Great Price - 18821882 Pearl of Great Price. More info.....

Worlds Largest 1800s
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LDS woodcut/ lithographs/ etc. print collection now available.  More info...

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Silver Sacrament CupRare Schaub silver LDS Sacrament cup.  More info....

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